COVID-19: The problem with the words “normal” “over” and “post”-how we can foster a more mindful approach.

Uncategorized Apr 22, 2020

Personally and professionally we appreciate more than ever that mindset is as important (if not more important) than ability or skill. I am sure that you would agree that there has never been a more critical time to embrace a growth mindset than right here right now. Calling on our personal resilience resources whilst maintaining our mental health, can help facilitate our navigation of the new reality we are all waking up to- a world post COVID.

I hesitate and then cringe at using the word “POST” as I am not sure if this actually exists or is indeed at all helpful. Likewise, common phrases I hear people use right now such as “when we get back to "NORMAL” and “when this is all "OVER” may not be too helpful either. Hanging on to what was and wishing for something different ahead is essentially being routed in the past or transfixed with the future or indeed both. What is the problem with this I hear you say?

Well, clinical psychology studies...

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Health and wellbeing key to prosperity and adjusting to change for Jersey

wellbeing Jan 27, 2019


It is somewhat fair to suggest that the most valuable personal asset we can have is our health. It’s also fair to conclude that we can’t possibly think we can be a prosperous society if we are not healthy enough to be productive. A staggering number of days are being lost each and every year due to absence in the workplace as a result of stress and poor mental health. The Tera Allas report (2015) demonstrated in technicolor that Jersey’s productivity is in decline and this hasn’t improved since its publication with the overall productivity of Jersey’s economy declining in real terms by 1.6% in 2017 (Future Jersey, 2018), meaning it has fallen in each of the last three years.


Despite Jersey’s comparative wealth it also hasn’t fared well in the recent Jersey Opinions and Lifestyle Survey Report (2017) with Jersey coming out worse than the UK with regards to average scores across all wellbeing measures (satisfaction, feeling...

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