Uncover the core principles of resilience and wellbeing

Private coaching is an investment in your long-term health and wellbeing. Working with a coach on a one-to-one basis will support you to improve your connection with yourself, enhance relationships in life and work and take intentional steps towards living the life you desire. 

We Talk Wellbeing's team of coaches will help you to uncover the core principles of resilience and wellbeing and learn practical strategies that are easy to implement and will support you in creating a sustainable and happy work-life balance.

Building strong levels of resilience is an important part of human wellbeing - physically, mentally, spiritually and financially. Without good levels of resilience, we can easily feel overwhelmed, stressed, unhappy and get physically sick or develop mental health problems.

We work with you to build resilience through raising awareness, embracing authenticity and taking responsibility for what you want.

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1-1 Coaching with the experts at We Talk Wellbeing

Meet our coaches and find out more about their areas of expertise.

Dr Glenda Rivoallan

  • Developing Resilient Habits
  • Building Unshakeable Self Belief
  • Entrepreneurship

Working together to silence your inner critic, allow wisdom to take over and find inner peace.

When you discover and embrace the magic in filling your own cup first, you naturally have more to give, more to offer and feel deep contentment.

Glenda is passionate about supporting people in enhancing their resilience, mindset and/or business outcomes. Glenda guides her clients in tapping into their professional skills, personal experiences and innate gifts to dive deep and unleash the power within. 

Coaching with Glenda is centred around synching up to the source of one's health and wellbeing and building tools to enable people to live their best life and do their best work.

Is it time to reveal your hidden strengths?

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Emma Hossack

  • Overcoming Perfectionism
  • Building Resilience
  • Empowerment

An empowering journey of self-discovery to overcome adversity and find true happiness.

Resilience is the foundation for our happiness, success and fulfilment and can be learned by anyone, we just have to be open to it. 

Emma has coached for many years, working with teens and adults and designing organisation coaching programmes. Having experienced her own challenges thanks to highly pressurised roles and perfectionism, Emma uses her compassion and listening skills to bring fun into her sessions, workshops and speaking events. 

Emma believes we all have the power within us to reach our goals but sometimes we need someone to walk the journey alongside us.

Are you ready to live well and work well?

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Tina Hesse

  • Mindfulness 
  • Positive Psychology
  • Emotional Literacy

Using holistic wellbeing to flourish and create a purposeful presence.

Wellbeing is an adventure into being rather doing; a space where we actively engage in life to grow through joy and adversity.

Tina has worked on a personal path of self-awareness, self-compassion and self-love since her teens and recognised very early on that a need to explore the self and undertake personal development was an important and integral part of the journey of life. 

As a coach, Tina is passionate about the promotion of wellbeing across all age groups, advocating for the concept of self-care in order to support the self and others. 

Are you ready to allow your authentic self to take centre stage?

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Coaching for individuals, teams and organisations

If you believe the future is expected to be studded with more disruptions and challenges how do you propose to increase your businesses’ resilience? Building resilience in your organisation comes down to supporting and empowering your people, your teams and the organisation through addressing the origins of resilience: Nature | Nurture | Culture

Do you invest in these areas? Do you hire for specific growth mindsets? Are you promoting the development of skills beyond the technical? Are you cultivating a culture of team spirit combined with clear communication, trust and transparency?

Our Resilient You, Resilient Team, Resilient Leader and Resilient Organisations coaching services cover these areas.

Meet our associates

Our associates focus on the foundation of resilience, the energy pillar which includes sleep, boundaries, physical activity and healthy consumption. They all offer complementary expertise to We Talk Wellbeing's range of coaching and training services.

Mark Bryce

Mark is We Talk Wellbeing's nutrition and exercise expert, offering workshops, coaching and keynote speaking events. 

Known as The Body Transformation Coach, Mark Bryce has a wealth of knowledge and experience in nutrition, exercise, mindset and wellbeing for individuals and organisations. 

Mark specialises in helping people to understand how to implement new healthy routines, combat stress, aid sleep and improve overall vitality. He is passionate about corporate wellbeing, supporting employers with the physical health and mental wellbeing of their employees. 


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Selina Zenonos

Selina is a certified Wraw® practitioner, offering training and coaching for individuals, teams and organisations. 

Selina's career has spanned various roles in the finance sector and her passion for people led her to work in HR. She has worked in Sales & Service Training Delivery, Head of Talent Strategy, Graduate programme lead, Diversity & Inclusion programme lead and Behavioural Performance & Leadership coach supporting leaders at all levels. 

In addition to coaching, Selina enjoys developing strategies to create an inclusive workplace and community.

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Adam Daniel

Adam specialises in Performance Coaching and Leadership Development.

With an MBA in International Sports Management, and currently studying for an MSc in Coaching and Behaviour Change at Henley Business School, Adam combines the latest research in Neuroscience, Positive Psychology and Coaching Science integrated with his wealth of coaching experience, to help clients, teams, and organisations become high performing.

Over the last 20 years, he has developed a unique approach to coaching the human being, not just the human body. This has led Adam to coach a vast array of people from royalty, high achievers, pop stars, supermodels, and professional sports people, amassing a whopping 25,000 hours of individual coaching.

Before focusing on coaching and leadership development, Adam held senior leadership positions in global health and fitness brands, built and successfully sold a health club, consulted for National Governing Bodies and has also written and delivered CPD for organisations in over 20 countries.

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