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Dr Glenda Rivoallan

Dr Glenda Rivoallan is an inspiring and passionate international speaker, author, coach and consultant known for her expertise in resilience, mindset and wellbeing. Glenda is the Founder of We Talk Wellbeing and a serial award-winning entrepreneur in the digital health and fitness industries. She is highly regarded for her leadership and innovation skills in supporting individuals & businesses to thrive.


Emma Hossack

Emma is an executive coach, speaker, consultant and Director of We Talk Wellbeing. With years of experience working with adults, children, teens and teams, she is passionate about resilience and wellbeing as the foundation to finding true happiness. She believes that when we focus on our own health & wellbeing, we can be resilient through challenging times and live a contented, successful life.


Tina Hesse

Tina is a dedicated  practitioner of wellbeing and Lead Trainer on We Talk Wellbeing accredited courses. An experienced Positive Psychology Coach, Self Love Coach and Mindfulness teacher, she is currently the Children and Young People's Mental Health Support Service Manager and Safeguarding lead at Mind Jersey. A charity which supports the mental health of children, young people and families.


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Keynote Topics

  • Resilience
  • Mindfulness
  • Mindset
  • Wellbeing

To support your people in developing a healthy mindset, healthy habits, skills and attributes of personal resilience, our engaging speakers bring fun, evidence-based insights and practical application to the delivery of their content, ensuring that audiences leave with impactful takeaways which lead to healthy habit change. We Talk Wellbeing can design a bespoke keynote talk on request.


Workshops and Presentations

  • Managing stress in the workplace
  • Thriving through change
  • Building strong support networks
  • The importance of resilience
  • Healthy performance and work culture

The world of work is going through unprecedented change, and the resilience of organisations is being tested like never before.  By giving your teams the tools they need to manage stress at work, thrive through change, and build strong support networks, we help organisations to embed a high performing culture where employees are healthy, and the business excels.

We work across all industries and sectors to raise awareness of the importance of resilience and healthy performance being at the heart of work culture. Our workshops range from 60 minutes to 2 hours and can be selected from our off the shelf choices or designed bespoke to your needs.

Dr Glenda Rivoallan - 2023 Keynote

Author of: Resilient as FUDGE! (2023), The Mindfulness Advantage in Entrepreneurship, and Mindfulness for Wellbeing. 

CEO and Founder of We Talk Wellbeing.

Glenda shares a motivational and inspirational message of resilience with audiences of every age. In motivational talks, Glenda inspires audiences with resilience insights leaving people with strategies, tips and habits, educating and empowering people to help them thrive.
For serial wellness entrepreneur Glenda Rivoallan, her road to success, acquisition and exit was not an easy one. After suffering professional burnout following two of her most successful projects, Glenda worked her way back to physically and mentally thriving, doubling down on her determination and honouring her personal motto of 'fall down seven times get back up eight'. In the pandemic, and after multiple lockdowns, many would have thought the last thing you could sell was a health club brand but Glenda knew better. She persisted, overcoming this biggest of business challenges like she had so many times before. Glenda shares the wisdom behind becoming Resilient as FUDGE!.
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