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Resilience begins with awareness

So many of us are living life blissfully unaware of the negative effects our ingrained behaviours and habits are having on our happiness. It's essential that we practice becoming resilient and learn how to effectively take care of our physical, emotional and mental health, fitness and wellbeing.

Building a toolkit of specific skills and strategies can help us withstand stressful and challenging situations or periods in our lives. 

Learning new skills as an adult can not only support you in your own life or in the workplace, but means you pass on the gift to your children and grandchildren. You become a positive role model for resilience and wellbeing and create a lasting legacy for generations to come. 

Resilience isn't something you learn once and become magically fixed forever! 

It’s an ongoing practice of behavioural change and mindset shifts that you can use to support yourself during turbulent times, as well as in everyday life. Many of us have to learn this the hard way through living a lifestyle that leads to physical and mental burnout before getting the tools and guidance we need to achieve the inner calm and happiness we deeply crave. Because these vital life skills weren’t taught to most of us at school, there are whole generations of adults now struggling in the workplace and in relationships with no idea how to get off the rollercoaster of stress, pain, frustration or sadness.

If you know in your heart that life shouldn’t be this hard, or you’re a manager or team leader watching your teams struggle, then We Talk Wellbeing is here to support you to Live Well and Work Well with a range of accredited courses, training, coaching, books and resources.

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Meet Glenda

I'm a speaker, author, leader and Master Wraw® Resilience coach with decades of professional experience in the wellbeing and fitness industries. I firmly believe that the wellbeing journey is relative, transient and ever evolving. I also believe that having a sense of curiosity to continually expand the mind and learn new skills empowers and educates you to take responsibility for your own health and wellbeing.

My passion centres around empowering you and your people to build resilience and experience greater happiness and success in your lives. 

My career has been focused primarily in wellbeing and education, having been a College Vice Principal as well as a serial wellbeing entrepreneur. I created and launched multiple gyms as holistic spaces to weave together facilities and activities for body, mind and soul. As a lifelong learner, I'm very proud of my DBA and the work I've put in to write multiple books on resilience and wellbeing in the workplace. These highly practical and insightful books have been quite profound for the people they've touched. 

I’m a vibrant, compassionate, self-confessed people person and I thrive on seeing people's faces when they get that ‘penny drop’ moment! From that moment on, they are forever transformed and I’m truly honoured to be able to work in this field with people from all around the world. 

Success at what cost?

My story is a typical one of an over-achieving young woman who craved success in a masculine world. I worked hard and achieved success in terms of building businesses and creating security for my family, but it was at the expense of my physical and mental wellbeing.

My entrepreneurial journey led me to burnout and it took a lot of soul-searching and deep-diving into old programming and beliefs to get me back on track and to the happy, contented place I am today. My journey will look different to yours, but the skills I teach and the strategies I share demonstrate that we can all find a wellbeing solution that suits our own unique direction.

Building a great team is the key to success 

Working with people who share your values and inspire you every day is the key to creating a business that is resilient, expansive and profitable. In setting up and launching We Talk Wellbeing, our priority was to bring together people who shared the same vision, held the same values and possessed a range of expertise and skills that complemented each other.

As a team, we are stronger, more resilient, more productive and more creative. 

Meet Emma

I'm an executive coach, speaker, leader and Director of We Talk Wellbeing with many years of experience working with adults, children, teens and teams.

I am passionate about resilience and wellbeing and believe that it's the foundation to our happiness. It's a privilege to be able to transform people's lives - unlocking their strengths and teaching strategies that last a lifetime. 

My perfectionist personality gifted me incredible opportunities

I often get asked how, and why, I became a coach, and it's all thanks to a lifetime of perfectionism! My younger self set very high standards for herself, always aimed to please those around her and worked so hard she burned out.

When an ambulance arrived to treat me for what I thought was a heart attack, I realised that my hard work and endless people-pleasing came at a cost. Thankfully, my symptoms turned out to be a panic attack, but the wake up call led me on a life-changing journey of self discovery, learning about my limiting beliefs and undoing behaviours that were keeping me stuck. I finally realised that this journey was leading me to my true passion and calling.

I believe that when we focus on our wellbeing, we can be resilient through challenging times and live a contented, successful life. 

Are you truly happy on the inside?

We want you to live your best life; to not simply achieve a surface level of success that looks 'Instagram worthy' on the outside, but true success that brings you a deep sense of accomplishment, safety and joy. 

It's time to drop the expectations, let go of comparisons and realise that we've been sold the wrong narrative all along.

Meet Tina

I'm a dedicated teacher and practitioner of wellbeing and an experienced Positive Psychology Coach, Self Love Coach and Mindfulness teacher. 

I am currently the Children and Young People's Mental Health Support Service Manager and Safeguarding lead at Mind Jersey, the largest mental health charity in Jersey which supports the mental health of children, young people and families. I am also a Wellbeing and Trauma Informed Practitioner as well as an Integrative Sandplay Therapist, holistic therapist and creative supervisor. 

A lifelong passion for community

I love to deliver training and lectures on a range of subjects including wellbeing and mindfulness, childcare, mental health, counselling and coaching. Over the past 20+ years, I have worked therapeutically on a 1-1 and group basis with primary and secondary school aged children, young people and adults. 

With a lifelong passion for community, I am proud to have played significant roles in creating a new wellbeing service for Jersey's Education Department, leading staff wellbeing at a local FE/HE college and consulting with Social Services, Jersey Women's Refuge and Children and Young People's Service.

Supporting people in education, corporate business or within the community to improve their mental health and wellbeing is my life's calling. It is a privilege to be able to promote and support holistic, emotional and mental health and wellbeing. 

Transform your mindset, unlock your potential and unleash the possibilities!

1-1 Coaching

Uncover the core principles of resilience and wellbeing and learn practical strategies that are easy to implement and will support you in creating a sustainable and happy work-life balance.

Are you ready to take that next step to create the life you desire?

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Workplace Resilience Training 

We know that coaching cannot be a ‘one size fits all’ approach because we are all different. Data and feedback is important to individuals and organisations to better understand themselves and to enable and empower meaningful change.

Support your employees to thrive.

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Workshops & Keynote Speaking

Through our experiences we share the principles which can be applied and adapted to suit any industry or individual. Life has gifted us numerous opportunities to innovate, inspire and create experiences that transform peoples lives.

Together we can expand the possibilities!

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Our mission is to support you, your teams and your organisation, to overcome obstacles and leave old programming behind; to learn how to Live Well and Work Well, with resilience, clarity and enthusiasm.

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