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A selection of books written by Dr Glenda Rivoallan about wellbeing, mindfulness, resilience and entrepreneurship.

Mindfulness for Well-Being

Written by Dr Glenda Rivoallan.

Are you caught in a rut, feeling overwhelmed and increasingly stressed? Are you frantically living life clinging to hopes of a happier future, working too hard on everything but yourself? Then it's time to stop sacrificing your wellbeing and happiness and time to start breaking free from limiting beliefs and learning to live in the moment. 

Transform your thinking and revolutionise your relationship with fitness, nutrition, health and the all important mind-body connection.

This eight-week guide and journal will help you to find calm, contentment and happiness in a world that often seems overwhelming. 

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The Mindfulness Advantage in Entrepreneurship

Written by Dr Glenda Rivoallan.

Have you become addicted to your business at the expense of yourself? Are you struggling to manage your own mental health alongside the many other concerns under your watch?

This accessible and practical eight-week guide and journal provides insights, activities and tools to help you uncover the benefits of mindfulness and Mindful Entrepreneurship. Mindfulness practice develops a flexible set of skills that help you cope with a volatile working environment and consistently high stress levels, workload and responsibility that accompany entrepreneurial ventures.  

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Resilient as FUDGE!

Written by Dr Glenda Rivoallan. 

A down-to-earth, practical and visual resource to help you become Resilient as FUDGE! It's designed to support you in building your own resilience blueprint to improve your well-being and happiness, to help you to thrive and find success, however that looks for you. This book will rewire YOU for calm, resilience and optimal wellbeing. Regardless of our age, financial status or 'baggage', we all deserve to be happy.

Resilient as FUDGE! is designed as a twelve-month voyage of self-discovery that focuses on the key elements of resilience which are fundamental in helping you to live a calm, healthy and happy life.

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Check out some of our favourite resources to support you on your personal development journey.

For details of self-study courses, accredited and non-accredited training, please see our TRAINING page. 

CI Wellbeing Report 2021

How resilient are your employees, teams and organisation? We Talk Wellbeing can support you in developing data-driven insights into resilience and its impact on wellbeing in your organisation. Compare your results to the recent CI Wellbeing Report findings. 

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4 Week Mind Challenge

Created by our associate Mark Bryce, The Body Transformation Coach, the 4 week Mind Challenge is designed to help you to take care of yourself and your mental health. This short 15-page guide is packed with useful information and easy-to-implement daily tasks to support your personal journey.

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The Science Behind Weight Loss

Written by Mark Bryce, this short guide answers everything you ever wanted to know about the science of fat loss. From hormones and fat distribution to the physiological reactions to different types of exercise and training, this guide is a useful start for anyone struggling with their weight.

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4 Week Gymnastics Rings Workout

If you're already used to strength training (even as a beginner) and you're curious as to how training with gymnastics rings could boost your strength, mobility and enhance fat loss, then this short guide will support you through a progressive four-week routine. 

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Discover 15 easy, healthy and tasty recipes, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, treats and smoothies! With an autumn theme, these delicious recipes include nutritional information per serving. This free guide includes a weekly shopping list and sample weekly meal planner.

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