What we do...

Through our global consultancy, expert advice, wellbeing & resilience assessments, resources and training provision, we provide the key enabler to enhance engagement and performance in your organisation – that of wellbeing.

The wellbeing of Self, Team and Organisation.


Why us?

We look at the health and wellbeing of your organization holistically. People are at the centre of all our initiatives and programmes. We are NOT a one size fits all "cookie cutter" approach – instead we offer tailored and integrated solutions ensuring that we put in places the foundations necessary to instill a culture with creates a healthy and happy workforce.

Our world-class practitioners really are the best in their field. We strive to deliver positive and long lasting impact on employee health and wellbeing creating positive change in physical and mental health.



Every step of the way we will be working with you, your teams and your organisation to create the most fun, immersive and memorable learning experience possible both in person and online.


Our philosophy

We firmly believe that the facets that make up OUR Wellbeing Wheel and indeed our philosophy must be present for us to live well and work well (developed with Marbral Advisory). We use before-and-after data driven evaluation for businesses to track change & ROI based on resources allocated. We design initiatives that are in alignment with your organizational policies, procedures, culture and business ethics, and which comply with employment & health and safety (HSE) law. Our comprehensive wellbeing assessments consider distanced on all aspects of our wellbeing wheel providing a road map for continuous improvement.

Our Wellbeing wheel

  • Provides an accurate starting point from which we can support you, your teams and your organisation to take a strategic approach.
  • Forms the basis of an integrated wellbeing assessment where benchmarks can be achieved over a number of years.
  • Identifies areas of strength and areas of risk enabling you to take effective action fast
  • Segments live results by self, team and organisation.
  • Forms the basis of our product and services offering.
  • Can be branded and aligned to fit your organisation’s well-being identity.

Affiliate working

We have developed close working relationships with a wide range of affiliated corporate wellbeing providers who offer the very best products and services. We do not believe in being generalists and for this reason we work with a wide range of wellbeing practitioners with a proven track record in their specific area of expertise. This is to ensure we can give you a world class well rounded offering in all areas of wellbeing.





We pride ourselves in working with the best practitioners that our industry has to offer and have a affiliate list ranging from happiness coaches, to resilience coaches to psychologists.

We take a collaborative approach and work with a range of industry leading experts. In working with our clients, we pride ourselves in finding out exactly what you need and match the content, delivery method and practitioner accordingly. 


Our Founder Glenda has over 27 years in both education and wellness and ensures that all partners meet our delivery standards. In working with us you will be given a wellbeing lead who will oversee the success of your project from planning to completion.


If you want to learn from the very best in the field then join us for a memorable, fun and potentially life changing experience!



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